Hollywood’s Hottest Legs in a Swimsuit from the 1940s

Hollywood's Hottest Legs in a Swimsuit

Hollywood’s Hottest Legs in a Swimsuit from the 1940s

What do you think about Hollywood’s Hottest Legs in a Swimsuit? Look at how these Hollywood beauties accentuated their body shapes by wearing swimsuits. In particular, around these parts, people enjoy looking at the beautiful legs that belonged to famous Hollywood faces from the 1940s. Before donning their favorite swimsuits from the 1940s, these Hollywood celebrities made sure to give their legs a good workout.

It is common fact that we spend more time in shorts and sandals during the summer, our perception of our leg beauty, or the lack thereof, can change quite dramatically. We are now aware that for the past few months, we have focused all of our attention and care on our hands, hair, and faces. Our legs, on the other hand, have been covered by stockings. As a result of our constant standing, we may have gained an extra inch above our knees, developed some peach fuzz, and even have a few unsightly calluses on our heels.

1940s swimsuit fashions
Jeanne Crain with 1940’s swimsuit

1940’s Legs Workout

We have provided some noteworthy illustrations of star leg grooming here solely for the purpose of serving as a source of ideas. Their procedures are straightforward. Examine your pins carefully while you’re looking in the mirror. Decide what your particular problem is. Let’s begin at the top of the thighs and work our way down to the bottom of the feet. Think about each and every aspect.

Exercises for women focusing on the thighs

Hollywood's Hottest Legs in a Swimsuit
Jane Russell and Betty Grable with their swimsuit legs

A general diet will help those thighs if you’re a little overweight all over. If you are well proportioned except for this point, use this exercise daily. Raise one knee until it is level with the other. Straighten your leg very slowly while keeping your toes pointed. Now we’ll look at the other leg.

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If you want the skin on your knees to remain as supple and soft as that on your hands and elbows, you should apply cream to them on a regular basis. If they are a trifle dark, you might apply a bleaching lotion. A little dark hair may be made inconspicuous by bleaching, even if you are dark-skinned. In that case, you can get rid of it by using creams, a new wax, or fine sandpaper that is designed specifically for this purpose.

Hollywood's Hottest Legs in a Swimsuit
Esther Williams, Jane Powell and Liz Taylor

Massage your calves firmly, starting from the ankle. This is a step-by-step process that ultimately yields very good results. The simple exercise of rotating your ankles first in one direction, then the other, can also help you reduce the circumference of your ankles. When you have small, hard spots on your ankles and heels, use creams and oils to soften them.

Why not treat yourself to a relaxing pedicure? A lotion that contains menthol can be an effective remedy. Keep in mind that those who are meticulous also take great care to use deodorant and antiperspirant cream.

Source: Wikipedia | Glamourdaze

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