Hollywood Stars in Fall Makeup from the 1950s


Hollywood Stars in Fall Makeup from the 1950s

In the 1950s, Kim Novak, Debbie Reynolds, and Sandra Dee sported fall makeup looks. The kookie look, the romantic look, and the fresh look are the three main looks. The iconic make-up style of the 1950s, as seen in Hollywood.

“Every woman has the potential to be beautiful.” This is what 20th Century Fox’s make-up artist, Richard Smith, has to say about it. “As long as she is patient when putting on her makeup and can figure out how to make her best feature stand out.”

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“The stars learn very young not to rush through the process of applying their makeup. They don’t just slap on some makeup and lipstick and run out the door to face the world; rather, they take their time and make the application of cosmetics into an art form. The golden rule for applying makeup is to do so very lightly. “There is nothing that takes away from the natural beauty of a woman more than obvious makeup! “

Debbie Reynolds’s 1950s Fall Makeup

Debbie applies two different green eye makeup hues. She lines her lips in red and then either applies red or pink lipstick to fill them in.

Debbie Reynolds has beautiful eyes that are set deep in her head, and she always brings out their flowery appearance. She lines her upper lid with the same shade of warm brown eyeliner that she uses to fill in her eyebrows, and she extends the line by tilting her head slightly. Sometimes Debbie will use a combination of two different green eye shadow shades, such as a light spring green and an emerald green. 


Debbie claims that when you’re around a girl who smiles, you become more aware of your own mouth. She begins by outlining the mouth in flag red with a brush, then she fills it in with either the same shade or a vivacious pink, and finally she blots the powder over the area. She blots her lips again and then reapplies lipstick after a minute has passed. 

Debbie’s hair color is dark brown. Her basic, curly cut is jazzed up with a frilly halo of bangs, which makes her hair look gleaming clean and keeps the highlights looking fresh.

Sandra Dee’s  1950s Fall Makeup

Sandra Dee’s circle skirt, hairstyle, and makeup are classic examples of late 1950s style.

Sandra Dee has what is known as the “blotter look,” which refers to her eyes being round and dark. To further the effect, she uses a very dark brown eyebrow pencil. She uses a dark blue liner to completely outline her eyes, with the line being thin at the inside corner of her eyes and wider at the outside corner. She applies a dark black mascara and a stormy blue eye shadow. 

Sandra prefers having a bright color around the edge of her mouth. For example, she outlines her mouth with brilliant orange and then fills it in with a lighter shade, such as orange ice or dark red with light pink. Similarly, she outlines her eyes with brilliant orange and then fills them in with light pink. She applies a little bit of Vaseline to give it a shiny appearance. 

Sandra Dee’s dark eyes are brought out by dark blue eye shadow and eyeliner. She applies orange lip liner and dark red or pink lipstick to her lips.

Sandra’s hair is styled in a soft, tousled manner, which complements both her and your own active lifestyle. Sandra does not part her hair, “and the wind combs it,” says Sandra, “helps give it that tousled look.” This is the key to her hair always looking perfect, and the secret is that Sandra does not part her hair.

Kim Novak’s  1950s Fall Makeup

Kim Novak exhibits her 1959 fall cosmetics style.

Kim Novak has decided to go with a more romantic makeup look for the upcoming fall season. In order to achieve this look, draw your brows on with a charcoal gray pencil. Use a liner in a deep blue or violet color to outline your lids, and experiment with a shadow in a shade that is reminiscent of lilac mist.

Blend it so that it extends upward and outward from your lashes. Apply blue mascara to your upper lashes, and then use a misty violet shade to coat the tips of both those lashes and your lower lashes.


Every man is curious about the source of Kim’s constant smile because they can’t figure out what makes her laugh. It is possible to achieve a similarly provocative look by applying lipstick with a brush.

Exaggerate the corners of your smile by outlining your upper lip in a rosy pink color and smiling ever-so-slightly. Use mauve or light pink to fill in the spaces. Kim often wears her hair in a way that frames her face. Brush over and over again to achieve that cloudy appearance.

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