A labyrinth of rocky walls, hills, crags, forests, and tunnels make up Peleliu Island.

A labyrinth of rocky walls, hills, crags, forests, and tunnels make up Peleliu Island. The Japanese had fortified the island with formidable defenses. Japanese forces were able to move covertly between battle zones thanks to a network of more than 500 caves and tunnels. It was very important that Navy UDTs, also known as “frogmen,” … Read more

The First World War’s Italian Front

Italian Front

One may picture the infamous and bloody Western Italian Front trenches while picturing the First World War. Or possibly the legendary dogfights conducted between daring pilots in flimsy planes when aviation was just getting started. However, due to the war’s global scope, fighting took place on a large scale anywhere from the Middle East’s sweltering … Read more

The Mexican-American War

Mexican-American War

The Mexican-American War (1845–48) had a lot of connections to the Philadelphia region, even though it took place in the American Southwest and Central America. Because it is one of the most populated places in the country, the Delaware Valley became the center of one of the bloodiest battles in American history. Following Texas’s admittance … Read more

The War in Korea – World War

The War in Korea

Although the Korean War’s actual hostilities only lasted for a little over three years (1950–1953), they had a lasting impression on the Philadelphia region. On both sides of the Delaware River, the war gave the shipbuilding industry a boost, and military installations were crucial in preparing troops and supplies for deployment. However, the high death … Read more

The Civil War Museum of Philadelphia

The Civil War Museum of Philadelphia

The Civil War Museum of Philadelphia, which was established in 1888 by Civil War veterans, stands as a tribute to those who fought to uphold American sovereignty in the face of insurrection. Prior to settling in a townhouse close to Rittenhouse Square from 1922 until 2008, when it was forced to close due to financial … Read more

Invasion of Philadelphia by the British

Invasion of Philadelphia by the British

The British troops Invasion of Philadelphia from that day until the next spring, when they marched into the city on September 26, 1777. Although wartime shortages quickly caused suffering for those who remained in the city, its arrival caused Loyalists to cheer and Patriots to flee. However, there were no tangible benefits from the occupation, … Read more

How Atlantic City Became America’s Middle Class Playground

Atlantic City Became America's Middle Class

In 1850, a local man named Dr. Jonathan Pitney started promoting Absecon Island, which is just off the coast of southern New Jersey, as the perfect seaside medical retreat for many of his patients who were sick with everything from tuberculosis to nervous breakdowns. As early as 1853, Pitney and civil engineer Richard Osborne, who … Read more

The mysterious story of the sinking of the Nazi submarine U-869

Nazi submarine U-869

It is the summer of 1991, and daring, pioneering, and some might even say foolhardy wreck diver and ship’s Captain Bill Nagle has been hearing rumors of a mysterious, unidentified World War Two era wreck located somewhere off the coast of the Jersey Shore. The wreck is said to be located off the coast of … Read more