The Opel Blitz of 1930. The Long-Running History of the Opel Truck

History of the Opel Truck

A fairly long history dating back to 1930 can be found for the Opel Blitz vehicle. You usually don’t know a lot about trucks unless you’re in and around them. I confess to being largely uneducated, but they look fantastic at performances and events. However, the Opel Blitz is a little unique. I started thinking … Read more

First McLaren for Bruce The Jolly Green Giant was discovered after 57 years of being missing.

Bruces-First-McLaren-The-Jolly-Green-Giant-Found-After-Being-Lost-For-57-Years-GPL-64-McLaren-Cooper-Olds-TT-Start (1)

The 1964 Bruce McLaren Cooper-Zerex-Oldsmobile has been found. It was the first car with the McLaren name. The automobile is somewhat of a myth, a sort of motorsports Holy Grail that has somehow survived for so long. Its historical significance and recent return to the UK stem from the fact that it was the first … Read more

Why did American women in the 1950s look to Elizabeth II for inspiration?

american women and elizabeth ii

When the British queen took the throne, most women were expected to follow traditional roles in the home. In the spring of 1953, American women from all over the country went to Britain. Many people were going abroad for the first time.  The trip was to see Elizabeth II’s coronation, which took place in Westminster … Read more

Why was Philip Randolph important?

Philip Randolph

American civil-rights activist Asa Philip Randolph was a political strategist and one of the most famous labor organizers of the 20th century. He was known for his work organizing workers in the labor movement. His belief in the power of organized labor to fight against discrimination in the workplace, along with his skill at organizing … Read more

Pauli Murray Legacy 1910

Pauli Murray Legacy

The date of birth for Anna Pauline “Pauli” Murray was November 20, 1910, in Baltimore, Maryland. In 1914, her mother suffered a brain hemorrhage and died. Her father was a teacher in the Baltimore public school system who struggled with depression. He was eventually locked up in a state mental hospital, where a white guard … Read more

1681–1753: Native American–Pennsylvania Relations

Native American–Pennsylvania Relations

In the decades that followed Pennsylvania’s foundation in 1681, the “long peace” was more firmly rooted in alliances forged by Indians than by Quaker pacifism. Pennsylvania was able to avoid the catastrophic frontier conflict that swept the Chesapeake and New England during Bacon’s Rebellion and King Philip’s War thanks to the Iroquois Covenant Chain and … Read more

The Civil War Museum of Philadelphia

The Civil War Museum of Philadelphia

The Civil War Museum of Philadelphia, which was established in 1888 by Civil War veterans, stands as a tribute to those who fought to uphold American sovereignty in the face of insurrection. Prior to settling in a townhouse close to Rittenhouse Square from 1922 until 2008, when it was forced to close due to financial … Read more