A labyrinth of rocky walls, hills, crags, forests, and tunnels make up Peleliu Island.

A labyrinth of rocky walls, hills, crags, forests, and tunnels make up Peleliu Island. The Japanese had fortified the island with formidable defenses. Japanese forces were able to move covertly between battle zones thanks to a network of more than 500 caves and tunnels. It was very important that Navy UDTs, also known as “frogmen,” … Read more

Starting an improvement project at the Statue of Liberty National Monument

The historic fort that supports the Statue of Liberty and its pedestal will be fixed up with the help of a $22 million construction contract from the National Park Service. The Great American Outdoors Act (GAOA), which provides funding for the project, will allow it to make improvements to drainage and safety. These changes will … Read more

The First World War’s Italian Front

Italian Front

One may picture the infamous and bloody Western Italian Front trenches while picturing the First World War. Or possibly the legendary dogfights conducted between daring pilots in flimsy planes when aviation was just getting started. However, due to the war’s global scope, fighting took place on a large scale anywhere from the Middle East’s sweltering … Read more

Jackie Robinson: Upending the Status Quo

Jackie Robinson

Kostya Kennedy’s biography of Jackie Robinson, one of baseball’s and America’s most important figures, The Four Seasons of Jackie Robinson, is incisive, extensively detailed, and distinctive. Read a sample below. The NAACP began giving the Spingarn Medal in 1915, its sixth year. The medal was created by J. E. Spingarn, then chairman of the NAACP … Read more

Abandoned Fort Wadsworth in USA

Fort Wadsworth is a oldest military installations in the USA. It encompassed 226 acres on the northeastern side of Staten Island, on the Narrows of New York Harbor, was fortified by the British in 1779, and was the most significant defensive position for the rest of the Revolutionary War. Since roughly the time of World … Read more