Abandoned Fort Wadsworth in USA

Abandoned Fort Wadsworth in USA

Fort Wadsworth is a oldest military installations in the USA. It encompassed 226 acres on the northeastern side of Staten Island, on the Narrows of New York Harbor, was fortified by the British in 1779, and was the most significant defensive position for the rest of the Revolutionary War. Since roughly the time of World War I, substantial portions have fallen into disrepair and are now mostly abandoned. The photographs below portray an abandoned Fort Wadsworth. 

This former United States military post is located in The Narrows, which divide New York Bay into Upper and Lower Bay, on Staten Island in New York City. It rises tall and strong on The Narrows. It served as a natural defense posture for both the Upper Bay and Manhattan during its heyday. 

ort Wadsworth. Whomever CC BY 2.0
ort Wadsworth. Whomever CC BY 2.0

Fort Wadsworth is an abandoned military station located on Staten Island, New York. The fort, formerly known as Richmond Fort, was established in 1663 and has been continuously active for more than three centuries, making it the nation’s longest continuously working structure. Currently, it is a deteriorating relic on the Staten Island coastline. 

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Fort Wadsworth was the longest continuously occupied military installation in the United States prior to its deactivation in 1994. Despite these advantages, the fort’s actual military career was relatively erratic. 

The Origins of Fort Wadsworth 

In 1663, a blockhouse was constructed for military purposes in this location. Known as Flagstaff Fort during the American Revolution, it was captured by the British in 1776 and remained in their possession until the end of the war in 1783. In 1806, it was given to the state of New York, but during the War of 1812, it was taken back over by the federal government. 

In 1663, Dutchman David de Vries constructed Fort Richmond as a blockhouse. Additional defenses were erected in the following year, and the fort was utilized during the American Revolution. In the late 1770s, the British altered and enlarged the fort. In 1783, following the war, they returned it to the United States.

Fort Wadsworth. Whomever CC BY 2.0
Fort Wadsworth. Whomever CC BY 2.0

The Civil War was a turning point in Fort Wadsworth’s history, as it was named after Union Army leader General James Wadsworth. Fort Wadsworth experienced several wars in the 1700s and 1800s, but it was named after Union Army leader General James Wadsworth during the Civil War. As Fort Wadsworth’s functions altered frequently over the years, it endured some difficult times. Prior to its final closure in 1994, it served as a school for U.S. Army chaplains, an Army garrison, and a Naval Base.

What remains of Fort Wadsworth? 

Currently, the Gateway National Recreational organization manages Fort Wadsworth and gives daily guided tours of the fort. On all other days, Fort Wadsworth is open to the public for tours. Fort Wadsworth is not only a tourist attraction but also the starting point of the legendary New York City Marathon. The New York City Marathon is an annual event that invites competitors from all around the world to compete against their colleagues. 

Fort Wadsworth| Pinterest

Today, the lands of Fort Wadsworth are part of the Gateway National Recreation Area. Fort Richmond’s three-story ruins remain on the shore, while Fort Tompkins’ ruins are taller; rangers offer guided tours of both locations on a periodic basis.

A portion of the property is still under military control, but picnic spaces, bird observation locations, and even a few campsites are accessible to the public further down the beach from Fort Richmond. It is also the traditional starting line for the annual New York City Marathon.

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